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PREMISE: How do you save friends and defeat a dangerous villain if you are just a small wooden boy? And what if, after gaining freedom, your friends don’t know what to do with it now?


ORIGIN: European | American production

SETTING: Northern Italy (Bagnone) and Asia.

PLOT: The city of Bagnone has a contest to see which theater troupe will be given the right to perform in the new theater built by the town. An Asian Wizard visits Bagnone and puts a drop of Aqua Vita on the nose of the marionette, Pinocchio’s nose, bringing the wooden puppet to life. Major Faustino runs a typical “Punch and Judy” skit where the marionettes have a fight and hurt each other. Each morning, Carlo is tasked to repair the broken marionettes from the violent show. After Pinocchio comes to life, he wants Coot to take him to get more magic Aqua Vita so he can bring the other marionettes to life so they can be his friends. Coot and Pinocchio travel via air, sea, land, and train to an Asian volcano. They return, and Pinocchio brings the other “puppets” to life. Instead of being friends, the puppets don’t know or care who Pinocchio is. Major Faustino gets the magic water and converts objects into live entities for his “new show” to win the rights to the theater. Instead, Pinocchio wins the contest and gets the rights to the theater. The other puppets apologize to Pinocchio for their ungratefulness.

DELIVERY DATE: 2nd | 3rd Quarter 2024


PLANNED THEATRICAL WORLDWIDE RELEASE: 2nd and 3rd QR 2025 (Summer Holidays)

Director: Victor Luckysov

Writer: Carlo Collodi, Mark DeCarlo, Ryan Rowe

Genre: Animation/Fantasy/Adventure

Estimated Runtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Budget: $25’000,000 USD

Voices by (A list Cast): 

Thomas James Kenny: Pinocchio

Charlie Adler: De Basil

Rob Paulsen: Nick

Maurice LaMache: Tutt

Riker Lynch: Arlequin

Suzy Nakamura: Dr. Wushi

Fred Tatasciore: Major Faustino

Mark DeCarlo: Father Carlo

Candi Milo: Lory

Jim Turner: Punch

John Mariano: Pierott

Phil LaMarr: Tretyak

Yeni Alvarez: Amorina

NOTES/FACTS: The story of PINOCCHIO is a fun adventure. The book has been adapted into over 260 languages worldwide. That makes it the most translated non-religious book in the world and one of the best-selling books ever published.